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Amphibious Excavator used

The amphibious excavator is a type of excavator specially designed to work in swampy areas, wet areas and on soft ground. It is also able to float on water... Continue reading



What differentiates the amphibious excavator from a regular excavator are the hermetically sealed pontoons that allow the excavator to float in the water. Additionally, the pontoons are corrosion resistant and able to operate in high salinity conditions.


The amphibious excavator is mainly used for bank consolidation works, cleaning of ponds and streams or maintenance of marshy areas.

Our stock

Our fleet is constantly changing with regard to entries and exits so, if you are looking for specific equipment that we do not have for sale, we are able, thanks to our network of professionals in France and abroad, to help you. make proposals under the best conditions. The most common amphibious excavators on the market are: SMALLEY 363 AND JCB 220.

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