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Waste Recycling used

A crusher is a very powerful demolition clamp attached to the arm of an excavator. It demolishes concrete structures and crushes them thanks to its two jaws... Continue reading


Waste Recycling HAMMEL VB 750 DK MACHINE SUISSE used

336 200 € HT - 290,798 GBP
Our Reference : 202741
Year of manufacture : 2020
Hours** : 1750

Waste Recycling VTN A BETONS FP 70 used

15 500 € HT - 13,406 GBP
Our Reference : 202498
Year of manufacture : 2001

Waste Recycling KOMPTECH KOMPTECH HANTSCH CRAMBO 3400 (Broyeur Lent) used

Our Reference : 202383
Year of manufacture : 2013
Hours** : 2500

Our stock

Entries and exits are recurring so we may not have what you are looking for at the moment so do not hesitate to come back from time to time to see our stock. We have a wide range of shredders and our most sought-after models are: KOMPTECH CRAMBO 3400, TREVIBENNE F12 and KOMPTECH MULTISTAR M3.

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