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Asphalt Paver used

A paver is, as its name suggests, one of the last machines to be used during the construction of a road. It allows the application of asphalt on a roadway. In a single pass, the asphalt is applied to the road, leveled, smoothed and pre-compacted.


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The finisher is composed of a hopper, where the material is deposited by a truck, a conveyor, which transports the materials from the hopper to the rear of the machine where the adjustment table is located which allows the material to be dumped coated on the roadway in a controlled manner by modifying the width and thickness as needed.

Our stock

Entries and exits are recurring so we may not have what you are looking for at the moment so do not hesitate to come back from time to time to see our stock. We have a wide range of pavers and our most sought after models are: ABG TITAN 6820, VOGELE SUPER 1303-2, CATERPILLAR AP255E, BOMAG BF 222 C, BLAW KNOX BK-16, DYNAPAC F6 and BARBERGREEN TITAN 111.

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*on less than 10 years machines

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