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CategoryDescriptionMakeYear of manufacture  Action    
80006Digging BucketsDigging Bucket HYUNDAI R28-7 - 450MMHYUNDAI2009View or see
80052Digging BucketsDigging Bucket CASE 615MMCASEView or see
80500Snow BladeSnow Blade AUTRE LAME NEIGE PAPILLONAUTREView or see
51036HammersHammers MONTABERT 8 TONNESMONTABERT1995View or see
51236EquipmentsEquipments MORIN PINCE A BUSES M7MORINView or see
51256Snow BladeSnow Blade SICO METAL CGM 4SICO METAL1986View or see
51973Digging BucketsDigging Bucket CATERPILLAR 570mm - Type TractopelleCATERPILLARView or see
52254Other BucketsOther Buckets AUTRE à Griffe Largeur 900mm ChargeurAUTREView or see
52625Classic CarClassic Car PEUGEOT J9 PEUGEOTView or see
52689Digging BucketsDigging Bucket MECALAC 580mm - Sans Dents - MECALAC 8/10/11/12MECALACView or see
52822EQUIPMENTSEQUIPMENTS LEROY SOMER Génératrice Electroaimant - MS 1322 M32LEROY SOMER2010View or see
52827Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket KUBOTA KX 91-3 - 260mm - Axes 40mmKUBOTAView or see
53215Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket VOLVO EC35 - 350mmVOLVOView or see
53217Digging BucketsDigging Bucket VOLVO EC55 - 570mmVOLVOView or see
53219Digging BucketsDigging Bucket VOLVO EC35 - 570mmVOLVOView or see
53220Digging BucketsDigging Bucket VOLVO EC35 - 570mmVOLVOView or see
53221Digging BucketsDigging Bucket VOLVO EC35 - 400mmVOLVOView or see
53223Digging BucketsDigging Bucket VOLVO EC35 - 570mmVOLVOView or see
53226Digging BucketsDigging Bucket VOLVO EC35 - 600mmVOLVOView or see
53384Digging BucketsDigging Bucket VOLVO 500mm Pour Pelle 3,5 TonnesVOLVOView or see
53409Digging BucketsDigging Bucket AUTRE 400mm - Axes 30mmAUTREView or see
53567DozersDozer CATERPILLAR D8K + Porte EnginsCATERPILLAR1975View or see
53868ShellsShell AUTRE 450mmAUTREView or see
54124Digging BucketsDigging Bucket VOLVO BL 71 - 620mmVOLVOView or see
54125Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket VOLVO BL71 - 430mmVOLVOView or see
54129Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket BLANCHARD 680mmBLANCHARDView or see
54233Buckets Modification Kits LIEBHERR SW33 - 2 Oreilles + Axe 60mmLIEBHERRView or see
54300Digging BucketsDigging Bucket FERMEC 890mm - Tractopelle FermecFERMECView or see
54301Digging BucketsDigging Bucket FERMEC 580mm Tractopelle FERMECFERMECView or see
54350Excavator Mulchers AUTRE Pelles 20/25 TonnesAUTREView or see
54366Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket AUTRE 600mmAUTREView or see
54367Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket AUTRE Axes 70mm - 600mmAUTREView or see
54370Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket ASM / OSCAR MEIER ASM 63 - 610mm - Pelles 5 à 12 TonnesASM / OSCAR MEIERView or see
54413Digging BucketsDigging Bucket KLAC Modele F - 500mmKLACView or see
54773EquipmentsEquipments JAKO T100JAKOView or see
54777EquipmentsEquipments IMER ES 150IMERView or see
54810Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket MORIN M0 - 230mmMORINView or see
54827EquipmentsEquipments MONTABERT BATEUR A PAL PLANCHE TYPE 70 MONTABERT1997View or see
54828EquipmentsEquipments AUTRE PIECES D'USURE POUR BROYEUR ESCO AUTREView or see
54830EquipmentsEquipments AUTRE VANGAEVER 03BA10CAUTRE2011View or see
54835EquipmentsEquipments AUTRE CROCHET DE LEVAGE AUTREView or see
54837EquipmentsEquipments AUTRE LAME NEIGE POUR PICK UP AUTREView or see
54897Tire CompactorsTire Compactor HATRA GW 22HATRA1965View or see
54994EquipmentsEquipments AUTRE Chenille 180x72x36AUTREView or see
54997EquipmentsEquipments AUTRE 1 Chenille 450x163x38AUTREView or see
55008Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket MORIN M4 - 580mmMORINView or see
55091Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket MECALAC 450mm - Séries 8 / 10 / 11 / 12MECALACView or see
55102Digging BucketsDigging Bucket AUTRE 1600mm - Axes 90/80mmAUTREView or see
55158Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket VTN 590mm - Pelles 20 TonnesVTNView or see
55182Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket MECALAC 350mm - Séries 8 / 10 / 11 / 12MECALACView or see
55191ClamshellClamshell KINSHOFER Terrassement 600mm - Ouverture 1600mmKINSHOFERView or see
55197EquipmentsEquipments BRENDON BB1000BRENDONView or see
55370Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket VOLVO 390mm - Attache VOLVO 1,5 TonnesVOLVOView or see
55371HammersHammer AUTRE Pelles 3 TonnesAUTREView or see
55374Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket STRICKLAND 230mm - Axes 35mmSTRICKLANDView or see
55388ClamshellClamshell KINSHOFER ZSG18VE - 600mm - Rotation HydrauliqueKINSHOFERView or see
55492Snow BladeSnow Blade CHEVASSU LE430CHEVASSUView or see
55493Snow BladeSnow Blade AUTRE Avec Lame D'Usure CaoutchoucAUTREView or see
55504Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket MECALAC 600mm - Series 8 / 10 / 11 Et 12MECALACView or see
55609Quick Hitch / Quick CouplersQuick Hitch / Quick Coupler WIMMER A-LOCK 5WIMMER2016View or see
55610HammerHammer WIMMER 3WIMMERView or see
55611HammerHammer WIMMER 5WIMMERView or see
55612HammerHammer WIMMER 5WIMMERView or see
55613HammerHammer WIMMER 5WIMMERView or see
55614HammerHammer WIMMER 5WIMMERView or see
55615HammerHammer WIMMER 5WIMMERView or see
55616HammerHammer WIMMER 5WIMMERView or see
55618HammerHammer WIMMER 5WIMMERView or see
55623HammerHammer WIMMER 5WIMMERView or see
55625Quick Hitch / Quick CouplersQuick Hitch / Quick Couplers WIMMER Mecanique Serie 3WIMMERView or see
55627HammerHammer WIMMER Modele 3 MecaniqueWIMMERView or see
55631HammerHammer WIMMER Serie 3WIMMERView or see
55641Quick Hitch / Quick CouplersQuick Hitch / Quick Couplers WIMMER A-LOCK 5WIMMERView or see
55663Ampliroll TippersAmpliroll Tipper AUTRE 30m3 Ouverte - 10 Tonnes DIB - Sur CommandeAUTRE2020View or see
55664Ampliroll EquipmentsAmpliroll Equipment AUTRE Ouverte - 30m3 - 10 Tonnes DIB - Sur CommandeAUTRE2021View or see
55683Grading BucketsGrading Bucket WIMMER W-LOCK 250 - 6 à 12 TonnesWIMMERView or see
55685Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket MECALAC 600mm - Séries 14MECALACView or see
55760Ampliroll EquipmentsAmpliroll Equipment AUTRE Benne 15M3 Ouverte - Sur CommandeAUTRE2020View or see
55825Golf CartsGolf Cart E-Z-GO GOLF CAR J301E-Z-GO2002View or see
55841Loader BucketsLoader Bucket BOBCAT 2200mm - Attache BOBCATBOBCATView or see
55901Quick Hitch / Quick CouplersQuick Hitch / Quick Couplers VOLVO Coupleur Hydraulique VOLVO Montage Origine ECR50VOLVOView or see
55917Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket MORIN M4 - 430mmMORINView or see
55954CompressorsCompressor SULLAIR 35 POUR PIECESSULLAIRView or see
55993Trapezoidal BucketsTrapezoidal Bucket VERACHTERT 5000 / 400mm - CW40 LargeVERACHTERTView or see
56014Quick Hitch / Quick CouplersQuick Hitch / Quick Coupler VERACHTERT CW20S / CW30SVERACHTERTView or see
56030CisternsCistern SODIMAC TL 60 CUVE A LISERSODIMAC1979View or see
56039SweepersSweeper AUTRE BALAIS 3 POINTSAUTREView or see
56168ForksForks AUTRE 1100mm - Axes 50mmAUTREView or see
56190Trapezoidal BucketsTrapezoidal Bucket AUTRE 1000 / 300mm - Axes 50mmAUTREView or see
56214Multifunction BucketsMultifunction Bucket WEIDEMANN Crocodile 1650mmWEIDEMANNView or see
56215Tilt Grading BucketsTilt Grading Bucket ASM / OSCAR MEIER ASM 100 - 1630mm - Pelles 20 / 45 TonnesASM / OSCAR MEIERView or see
56216Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket ASM / OSCAR MEIER ASM100 - 630mmASM / OSCAR MEIERView or see
56221Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket AUTRE 330mm - Axes 50mmAUTREView or see
56223Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket ASM / OSCAR MEIER ASM 100 - 800mmASM / OSCAR MEIERView or see
56224Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket ASM / OSCAR MEIER ASM 100 - 600mmASM / OSCAR MEIERView or see
56238Tipper TrailersTipper Trailer KAISER KAISER 2 ESSIEUXKAISER2000View or see
56297Loaders (Wheeled)Wheel Loader JCB 415JCB1987View or see
202340Rail-Road ExcavatorsRail-Road Excavator CASE WX 210CASE2008View or see
56374Clear Track Buckets - Skeleton Buckets VOLVO 600mm - Attache VOLVO EC55VOLVOView or see
56407Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator LIEBHERR A942 (LIEBHERR A 942 - LIEBHERR 942)LIEBHERR1988View or see
56476Ripper ToothRipper Tooth BLANCHARD DD20T - 640 KgsBLANCHARDView or see
56478Asphalt PaversAsphalt Paver BLAW KNOX BK-16BLAW KNOX1980View or see
56493Trapezoidal BucketsTrapezoidal Bucket AUTRE 4380 / 430mm - Attache PoclainAUTREView or see
56531ClamshellClamshell ARDEN EQUIPMENT Pelles 14/18 Tonnes - 1000mmARDEN EQUIPMENTView or see
56538Walk Behind RollersWalk Behind Roller AMMANN DTV 102 H (AMMANN 102)AMMANN1989View or see
56563CisternsCistern COURANT 500 LITRES A EAUCOURANT1992View or see
56564TankersTanker YSM 500 LITRES A EAUYSM2006View or see
56565TankersTanker COURANT 500 LITRES A EAUCOURANT1992View or see
56583GraderGrader MBU G6MBU1984View or see
56607TrailersTrailer DEMICO PORTE TOURETDEMICO1999View or see
56616Tipper TrailersTipper Trailer TRAILOR S32E 2 ESSIEUXTRAILOR1982View or see
56631Skid Steer LoadersSkid Steer Loader ATLAS 52EATLAS1996View or see
56640BungalowsBungalow COUGNAUD SANITAIRECOUGNAUD1999View or see
56658Ampliroll TippersAmpliroll Tipper AUTRE 15 M2AUTREView or see
56685Semi Low LoadersSemi Low Loader KAISER 4 ESSIEUXKAISER1998View or see
56695GraderGrader CATERPILLAR 12CATERPILLAR1960View or see
56701Digging BucketsDigging Bucket AUTRE 1000mm - Axes 80mm - Pelles 20 TonnesAUTREView or see
56703Grading BucketsGrading Bucket VERACHTERT CW45 - 2300mmVERACHTERTView or see
202366Recycling / Quarry MaterialRecycling / Quarry Material MKGROUP TPS 120MKGROUP2021View or see
56615Mini DumpersMini Dumper AEBI KPC 1500 RSAEBI1989View or see
56737Sprayers SpreadersSprayers Spreader RENAULT G260RENAULT1983View or see
56740ClamshellClamshell AUTRE 650mm - Ouverture 1550mm - 14 / 18 TonnesAUTREView or see
56824Tipper TrailersTipper Trailer BENALU 3 ESSIEUXBENALU2007View or see
56832Tipper TrailersTipper Trailer BENALU 3 ESSIEUXBENALU2007View or see
56877Loaders (Wheeled)Wheel Loader CASE W30CASE1988View or see
56879Articulated DumpersArticulated Dumper VOLVO 861VOLVO1982View or see
56898Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket AUTRE 750mm - Axes 80mm Pour Pelles 20 TonnesAUTREView or see
56906Ripper ToothRipper Tooth MORIN M3MORINView or see
56913Tipper TrailersTipper Trailer KAISER 2 ESSIEUXKAISER1999View or see
56919Loader BucketsLoader Bucket AUTRE 900mm Pour ChargeurAUTREView or see
56941High Tip BucketHigh Tip Bucket AUTRE 3250 Mm - Attache Rapide ChargeurAUTREView or see
56944Mini DumpersMini Dumper ROBERT AEBI KPC-2000 RK-H RAIL ROUTEROBERT1989View or see
56953HammerHammer Plate MORIN M5MORINView or see
56963BungalowsBungalow COUGNAUD 15 M2COUGNAUD2005View or see
56964BungalowsBungalow COUGNAUD 15 M2COUGNAUD2005View or see
56993Digging BucketsDigging Bucket MORIN M2 - 570mmMORINView or see
57001DozersDozer KOMATSU D61PXI-24EOKOMATSU2022View or see
57006BungalowsBungalow SOTRAMO COULOIRS DE 7 M 50SOTRAMOView or see
57007BungalowsBungalow SOTRAMO COULOIRS DE 5 MSOTRAMOView or see
57008Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) LIEBHERR R 926LIEBHERR2014View or see
57012BungalowsBungalow SOTRAMO 15 M2SOTRAMOView or see
57013BungalowsBungalow SOTRAMO 15 M2SOTRAMOView or see
57017Excavators (Tracked)Crawler Excavator LIEBHERR R924 COMPACT LITRONIC LIEBHERR2007View or see
57027Trapezoidal BucketsTrapezoidal Bucket MECALAC 1300 / 380mm - Serie 12MECALACView or see
57028Loader BucketsLoader Bucket MECALAC 2140mm - Series 8 / 10 / 11 / 12MECALACView or see
57059ShearsShear AUTRE 800mm - 1300 KgsAUTREView or see
57092Mini DiggersMini Digger KATO VXE HD 17KATO2022View or see
57097Tipper TrailersTipper Trailer BENALU 2 ESSIEUXBENALU1996View or see
57099Mini DiggersMini Digger KATO 17 VXEKATO2019View or see
57117Dump TrucksDump Truck MAN 8X4 TGA 35.400MAN2007View or see
57118Loaders (Wheeled)Wheel Loader CATERPILLAR 966CCATERPILLAR1978View or see
57136Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) KOMATSU WA480-6KOMATSU2014View or see
202419CrushersCrusher RUBBLE MASTER RM 90GO!RUBBLE MASTER2019View or see
57145Digging BucketsDigging Bucket MECALAC Séries 8 / 10 / 11 / 12 - MECALACView or see
57150Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket MECALAC 450mm - Series 8 / 10 / 11 Et 12MECALACView or see
57151Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket MECALAC En Bute 350mm - Séries 8 / 10 / 11 Et 12MECALACView or see
57154Grading BucketsGrading Bucket AUTRE 2200mm - Oreilles CATERPILLAR 336 - Kit EtanchéitéAUTREView or see
57156Skid Steer LoadersSkid Steer Loader BOBCAT 543BOBCAT1991View or see
57165Classic CarClassic Car MERCEDES G 270 2.7 CDIMERCEDES2003View or see
57173Tractor UnitsTractor Unit SCANIA R 420 6X6 MACHINE SUISSESCANIA2003View or see
57180Ampliroll TippersAmpliroll Tipper AUTRE 15 M3AUTREView or see
57181Ampliroll TippersAmpliroll Tipper AUTRE 15 M3AUTREView or see
57182Ampliroll TippersAmpliroll Tipper AUTRE 15 M3AUTREView or see
57183Ampliroll TippersAmpliroll Tipper AUTRE 15 M3AUTREView or see
57187Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket MECALAC 340mm - Séries 8 / 10 / 11 Et 12MECALACView or see
57189Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket MECALAC 450mm - Séries 14MECALACView or see
57191Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket MBI 280mm - AR30MBIView or see
57193Digging BucketsDigging Bucket AUTRE 600mm - Axes 25mmAUTREView or see
57195Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket ARDEN EQUIPMENT QA05 - 400mmARDEN EQUIPMENTView or see
57196Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket AUTRE 270mm - Axes 35mmAUTREView or see
57197Digging BucketsDigging Bucket AUTRE 600mm - Axes 35mmAUTREView or see
57199Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket AUTRE 300mm - Axes 25mmAUTREView or see
57201Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket AUTRE 240mm - Axes 25mmAUTREView or see
57204Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket AUTRE 380mm - Axes 40mmAUTREView or see
57205Digging BucketsDigging Bucket AUTRE 450mm - Axes 30mmAUTREView or see
57206Digging BucketsDigging Bucket AUTRE 400mm - Axes 25mmAUTREView or see
57207Digging BucketsDigging Bucket AUTRE 430mm - Axes 35mmAUTREView or see
57216Loaders (Wheeled)Wheel Loader LIEBHERR L551LIEBHERR1996View or see
57218Loaders (Tracked)Loader(Tracked) KOMATSU D21S-6KOMATSUView or see
57227Semi Low LoadersSemi Low Loader MADURAUD 2 ESSIEUXMADURAUD1979View or see
57230Excavators (Tracked)Crawler Excavator HITACHI EX60HITACHI1988View or see
57232Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) KOBELCO SK200SRKOBELCO2003View or see
202424Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) NOBAS DRAGLINE UB 35 SNOBAS1995View or see
57236ScreenersScreener MC CLOSKEY R105MC CLOSKEY2020View or see
57244Ampliroll TrucksAmpliroll Truck MAN 6 X 4MAN2001View or see
57264Semi Low LoadersSemi Low Loader ACTM 3 ESSIEUXACTM1989View or see
202438ScreenersScreener DIETLAS A ETOILE RS 1235DIETLAS1997View or see
202439Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) HITACHI WAGON CW 160HITACHIView or see
57298Single Drum RollersSingle Drum Roller DYNAPAC CC422CDYNAPAC2004View or see
57300Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) KOMATSU WA270-3KOMATSU1998View or see
57324TrailersTrailer SIPREL PORTE TOURETSIPREL2002View or see
57334TrailersTrailer DEMICO PORTE TOURET 2 ESSIEUXDEMICO1992View or see
57335TrailersTrailer LANCIER PORTE TOURETLANCIER2012View or see
57336TrailersTrailer MECANOREM PORTE TOURETMECANOREM1989View or see
57337TrailersTrailer SIPREL PORTE TOURETSIPREL2007View or see
57343Flatbed Semi TrailersFlatbed Semi Trailer HAACON 3 ESSIEUXHAACONView or see
57344Loaders (Wheeled)Wheel Loader KOMATSU WA250PZ-5KOMATSU2007View or see
57345BungalowsBungalow AUTRE 15 M2 - Lot De 2 Avec Remorque (départ Suisse)AUTREView or see
57348PatchingPatching MERCEDES ATEGO 2533MERCEDES2005View or see
202447ScreenersScreener RUBBLE MASTER HS5000MRUBBLE MASTER2021View or see
57359Single Drum RollersSingle Drum Roller BOMAG BW 213 D MACHINE SUISSEBOMAG1990View or see
57368Tandem RollersTandem Roller DYNAPAC CC1200DYNAPAC2012View or see
57396CompressorsCompressor ATLAS COPCO XAS67ATLAS COPCO2011View or see
202454Articulated DumpersArticulated Dumper BELL ADT B30E 6X6 WDBBELL2014View or see
57407EquipmentsEquipments SNOWEX SALEUSE BULK PRO SP-1575SNOWEX2012View or see
202459Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) HITACHI ZW220-6HITACHI2021View or see
202463Plate CompactorsPlate Compactor NPK C-6CNPK2019View or see
202465Demolition EquipmentsDemolition Equipment NPK U-45JRNPK2020View or see
57417Quick Hitch / Quick CouplersQuick Hitch / Quick Coupler ARDEN EQUIPMENT QA11M - Mecanique Axes 45mmARDEN EQUIPMENTView or see
202468CutterCutter LA BOUNTY MSD1000RLA BOUNTY2020View or see
202475Articulated DumpersArticulated Dumper BELL ADT B30E 6X6 WDBBELL2018View or see
57426Mini DumpersMini Dumper RACO KPC-2000 RK-H MACHINE SUISSERACO1987View or see
57431Ampliroll TrucksAmpliroll Truck MAN TGA 35.440 8X4MAN2007View or see
202476CrushersCrusher EXTEC IC 13EXTEC2007View or see
57443GraderGrader CATERPILLAR 14GCATERPILLAR1974View or see
57458Mini DumpersMini Dumper ROBERT AEBI KPC-1600 RK-HROBERT1991View or see
202480CranesCrane MAEDA ARAIGNEE MC815CWMEMAEDA2019View or see
202481Lime SpreadersLime Spreader UNIMOG UNIMOG U500UNIMOG2004View or see
57467Tautliner TrailersTautliner Trailer TRAILOR TAUTLINER 3 ESSIEUXTRAILOR2005View or see
57491Digging BucketsDigging Bucket MORIN M6 - 1000mmMORINView or see
57492Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket CASE 600mm - Axes 60mmCASEView or see
57496Dump TrucksDump Truck MERCEDES GRUE ACTROS 4141 8X4MERCEDES2007View or see
57501Excavators (Tracked)Crawler Excavator CATERPILLAR E120BCATERPILLAR1993View or see
57519Various TrucksVarious Truck AUTRE BENNE POUR 8X4AUTREView or see
57525Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket POCLAIN 650mmPOCLAINView or see
57528Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket GEITH 300mm - Axes 60mmGEITHView or see
575304x1 Bucket4x1 Bucket AUTRE 2300mmAUTREView or see
57532Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket JCB 320mm - 3CXJCBView or see
57536Aerial Platforms / AccessAerial Platform / Access HAULOTTE CISEAUX COMPACT 8HAULOTTE2016View or see
57538Aerial Platforms / AccessAerial Platform / Access HAULOTTE CISEAUX COMPACT 8HAULOTTE2014View or see
57540Aerial Platforms / AccessAerial Platform / Access HAULOTTE CISEAUX COMPACT 10NHAULOTTE2017View or see
202497Aerial Platforms / AccessAerial Platform / Access HAULOTTE HA41PXHAULOTTE2007View or see
202498Waste RecyclingWaste Recycling VTN A BETONS FP 70VTN2001View or see
57547Excavators (Tracked)Crawler Excavator VOLVO EC210LCVOLVO2000View or see
57551Mini DumpersMini Dumper NEUSON DHK 6002HNEUSON1996View or see
57559Mini DiggersMini Digger IHI 15NX MACHINE SUISSEIHI2004View or see
57566Mini DumpersMini Dumper WACKER NEUSON LIFTON 4001WACKER NEUSON2004View or see
57567Mini DumpersMini Dumper NEUSON LIFTON 5001NEUSON2004View or see
57573Snow BladeSnow Blade PFAU LBS DE 1 M 65PFAUView or see
57575Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) HITACHI W130AHITACHI2000View or see
57577Semi Low LoadersSemi Low Loader TITAN 2 ESSIEUXTITANView or see
57578Mini DiggersMini Digger KATO HD27 V 5KATO2023View or see
57580Backhoe LoaderBackhoe Loader KRAMER 416 SKRAMER1984View or see
57589ContainersContainer JAQUET SA 10 PIEDSJAQUET SAView or see
57590Ampliroll TippersAmpliroll Tipper AUTRE 12 M3AUTREView or see
57592Ampliroll TrucksAmpliroll Truck RENAULT KERAX 410 DXI 6X4RENAULT2008View or see
57605Tilt Grading BucketsTilt Grading Bucket POCLAIN 1800mm - 90 CK / PBPOCLAINView or see
202510CarrierCarrier UNIMOG UNIMOGUNIMOGView or see
202511TractorsTractor NEW HOLLAND T7.165 SNEW HOLLAND2018View or see
57622Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket ARDEN EQUIPMENT QA40 / QA41 430mmARDEN EQUIPMENTView or see
202521GraderGrader STEHR SUG 20STEHR2016View or see
57631Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket CATERPILLAR 420mmCATERPILLARView or see
57632Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket CATERPILLAR 420mmCATERPILLARView or see
57633Digging BucketsDigging Bucket CATERPILLAR 880mmCATERPILLARView or see
202523ConveyorsConveyor TEREX MT24LTEREX2022View or see
202529Tipper TrailersTipper Trailer BENALU FOND MOUVANT 3 ESSIEUXBENALU2014View or see
202530Tipper TrailersTipper Trailer BENALU FOND MOUVANT 3 ESSIEUXBENALU2011View or see
202531CisternsCistern LOHEAC A BITUMELOHEAC1996View or see
57653BoomBoom HITACHI 17 MetresHITACHIView or see
202533Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator FUCHS MHL 350FUCHS2008View or see
57659Aerial Platforms / AccessAerial Platform / Access HAULOTTE STAR 10-1HAULOTTE2012View or see
57667DozersDozer CATERPILLAR D6T XLCATERPILLAR2008View or see
57677Excavators (Tracked)Crawler Excavator CATERPILLAR 320E LCATERPILLAR2012View or see
202540Tandem RollersTandem Roller DYNAPAC CC224HFDYNAPAC2010View or see
202541Tandem RollersTandem Roller DYNAPAC CC524HFDYNAPAC2011View or see
57683Single Drum RollersSingle Drum Roller CATERPILLAR CB-535BCATERPILLAR1995View or see
202543Backhoe LoaderBackhoe Loader LANNEN 860 CLANNEN2005View or see
202544GraderGrader CATERPILLAR 12FCATERPILLAR1975View or see
57690Excavators (Wheeled)Wheeled Excavator WACKER NEUSON 6503 WDWACKER NEUSON2008View or see
202550Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator LIEBHERR LH40 M LITRONICLIEBHERR2017View or see
57702Excavators (Tracked)Crawler Excavator LIEBHERR R924C HD-SLLIEBHERR2007View or see
202559Loaders (Wheeled)Wheel Loader CATERPILLAR 988BCATERPILLAR1978View or see
202560Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) CATERPILLAR 990CATERPILLAR2002View or see
57706Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator FUCHS MHL 320FUCHS1999View or see
202564Excavators (Wheeled)Wheeled Excavator HITACHI ZX170W-5BHITACHI2015View or see
202566Excavators (Wheeled)Wheeled Excavator DOOSAN DX57-W DOOSAN2017View or see
202569Excavators (Tracked)Crawler Excavator LIEBHERR R922LIEBHERR2022View or see
57712DozersDozer CATERPILLAR D3BCATERPILLAR1987View or see
57716Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket ARDEN EQUIPMENT QA10 / QA11 - 450mm Pelles 2,6 à 6 TonnesARDEN EQUIPMENTView or see
202570Soil CompactorsPadfoot Compactor / Sheepsfoot Compactor CATERPILLAR PIEDS DE MOUTON 825 CCATERPILLAR1987View or see
202571DozersDozer KOMATSU D375A-1KOMATSU1988View or see
202572TrommelsTrommel KOMPTECH NEMUS 2700KOMPTECH2019View or see
202573Tandem RollersTandem Roller CATERPILLAR CB1.7CATERPILLAR2019View or see
202574Mini DiggersMini Digger KUBOTA KX080-4KUBOTA2020View or see
202575Excavators (Tracked)Crawler Excavator HITACHI CAMELEON ZX330LCHITACHI2003View or see
202576Loaders (Wheeled)Wheel Loader CATERPILLAR 938MCATERPILLAR2017View or see
202578Loaders (Wheeled)Wheel Loader CATERPILLAR 926MCATERPILLAR2019View or see
202583Mini DiggersMini Digger HITACHI ZX19U-6HITACHI2019View or see
202584Excavators (Wheeled)Wheeled Excavator KOMATSU PW118MR-8KOMATSU2017View or see
202588Ampliroll TippersAmpliroll Tipper AUTRE THERMO A ENROBE CALORIFUGE CHARGE 6 T AUTREView or see
57734Ampliroll TrucksAmpliroll Truck VOLVO FM 12 - 340VOLVO2004View or see
57738Soil CompactorsPadfoot Compactor / Sheepsfoot Compactor CATERPILLAR 825 + Porte EnginsCATERPILLAR1978View or see
57746Tipper TrailersTipper Trailer LOUAULT ACIER - PTAC 33 Tonnes - 2 EssieuxLOUAULT2004View or see
202594Drilling MachinesDrilling Machine TRACTO-TECHNIK GRUNDODRILL 15X TDTRACTO-TECHNIK2008View or see
202595TrenchersTrencher CASE 340 CVXCASE2022View or see
202597Drilling MachinesDrilling Machine ATLAS COPCO D9ATLAS COPCO2010View or see
57760Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket MORIN M4 - 400mmMORINView or see
57761Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket MORIN M4 - 430mmMORINView or see
57763Digging BucketsDigging Bucket MORIN M1 - 480mmMORINView or see
57766Grading BucketsGrading Bucket MBI CR50 - 1400mm (mauvais état)MBIView or see
57767Digging BucketsDigging Bucket MORIN M4 - 570mmMORINView or see
57768Tilt Grading BucketsTilt Grading Bucket ASM / OSCAR MEIER MODEL 82 - 1600mmASM / OSCAR MEIERView or see
57769Digging BucketsDigging Bucket LIEBHERR SW33 - 650mm - 270 LitresLIEBHERRView or see
57770Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket VERACHTERT CW40S - 610mmVERACHTERTView or see
57772Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket MORIN M1 - 300mmMORINView or see
57773Digging BucketsDigging Bucket JCB 3CX - 500mmJCBView or see
57843Loaders (Wheeled)Wheel Loader LIEBHERR L538LIEBHERR2015View or see
202600DozersDozer CATERPILLAR D9H RIPPERCATERPILLAR1978View or see
57786Excavators (Wheeled)Excavator (Wheeled) WACKER NEUSON 9503 WDWACKER NEUSON2008View or see
57798TelehandlersTelehandler LIEBHERR T 33-10 LIGNE SLIEBHERR2022View or see
202604Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator FUCHS MHL340FUCHS2007View or see
57818HammerHammer Plate ARDEN EQUIPMENT QA11 / QA10ARDEN EQUIPMENTView or see
202605Loaders (Wheeled)Wheel Loader LIEBHERR L550LIEBHERR2015View or see
202610CrushersCrusher SMARTCRUSH SI40MSMARTCRUSH2023View or see
202608Rail-Road ExcavatorsRail-Road Excavator ATLAS 1404 ZWATLAS2013View or see
202609Rail-Road ExcavatorsRail-Road Excavator ATLAS RAIL ROUTE 1404 MZATLAS2015View or see
57815Excavators (Tracked)Crawler Excavator SAMSUNG SE210LCSAMSUNG1992View or see
57817Quick Hitch / Quick CouplersQuick Hitch / Quick Coupler LIEBHERR SW48 HydrauliqueLIEBHERRView or see
202616ScreenersScreener CM GODET CRIBLEUR CDS18CM2018View or see
202617Indoor CranesIndoor Crane SERAM S30.15 REBUILD 2021SERAM2010View or see
57825Long Reach / Hight Reach ExcavatorsLong Reach / Hight Reach Excavator CATERPILLAR 336ELCATERPILLAR2014View or see
57828GraderGrader CATERPILLAR 120GCATERPILLAR1985View or see
57830Loaders (Wheeled)Wheel Loader CATERPILLAR 950GCATERPILLAR2002View or see
57831Excavators (Tracked)Crawler Excavator LIEBHERR R924HDSL LITRONICLIEBHERR2000View or see
57835Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator CATERPILLAR M322C MHCATERPILLAR2006View or see
202624Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) VOLVO L90HVOLVO2018View or see
202625Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator CATERPILLAR MH3022CATERPILLAR2015View or see
202628Loaders (Wheeled)Wheel Loader HITACHI ZW330-6HITACHI2021View or see
57771Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket MORIN M1 - 300mmMORINView or see
57849Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) KOMATSU WA470-3AKOMATSU2000View or see
202633Concrete AccessoriesConcrete Accessorie AUTRE Cisaille A Beton Pour Pelles De 35 TonnesAUTREView or see
57862Excavators (Wheeled)Excavator (Wheeled) CASE 888PCASE1990View or see
57863Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket LIEBHERR SW33 - 500mmLIEBHERRView or see
57864Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket LIEBHERR SW33 - 580mmLIEBHERRView or see
57865Dipper And StickDipper And Stick LIEBHERR 317 - 9610099LIEBHERR2012View or see
57868Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator LIEBHERR A904C LITRONICLIEBHERR2011View or see
57870Mini DiggersMini Digger VOLVO EC18DVOLVO2017View or see
202635Articulated DumpersArticulated Dumper CATERPILLAR 730CATERPILLAR2022View or see
202637ScreenersScreener RUBBLE MASTER HS5000MRUBBLE MASTER2022View or see
578824x1 Bucket4x1 Bucket LIEBHERR SW33 - 2200mmLIEBHERRView or see
57886Tandem RollersTandem Roller BOMAG BW 80 AD-2BOMAG2010View or see
57888HammersHammer MONTABERT V1800 (20-35 Tonnes)MONTABERT2009View or see
57890Tilt Grading BucketsTilt Grading Bucket AUTRE S70 - 2000mmAUTREView or see
57892Mini DiggersMini Digger WACKER NEUSON 28Z3 RDWACKER NEUSON2011View or see
202646Loaders (Wheeled)Wheel Loader CATERPILLAR 950G IICATERPILLAR2003View or see
202648Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) VOLVO L45FVOLVO2009View or see
57931Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) CATERPILLAR 320DLCATERPILLAR2008View or see
57897ClamshellClamshell MORIN Interface Morin M6MORINView or see
57900Digging BucketsDigging Bucket MORIN M2 - 580mmMORINView or see
202649Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) VOLVO EC360CVOLVO2008View or see
57902Loaders (Tracked)Crawler Loader CATERPILLAR 953CATERPILLAR1982View or see
57903Loaders (Wheeled)Wheel Loader VOLVO L60EVOLVO2005View or see
57905Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) FIAT HITACHI E215BFIAT HITACHI2007View or see
202654CrushersCrusher KLEEMANN MOBIREX MR 110 ZKLEEMANN2017View or see
202655ScreenersScreener POWERSCREEN CHIEFTAIN 1400POWERSCREEN2022View or see
202656ScreenersScreener TEREX FINLAY 683 SUPERTRAKTEREX2020View or see
202658ScreenersScreener MC CLOSKEY S190MC CLOSKEY2015View or see
202659Recycling / Quarry MaterialRecycling / Quarry Material DEVAREM D50DEVAREM2016View or see
202661CrushersCrusher KLEEMANN MC9 Tracked ConeKLEEMANN2018View or see
202662TrenchersTrencher DITCH WITCH RT 120DITCH WITCH2017View or see
202663CrushersCrusher TEREX FINLAY J960 A MACHOIRETEREX2020View or see
202664ScreenersScreener POWERSCREEN WARRIOR 1400XPOWERSCREEN2021View or see
202665DozersDozer KOMATSU D38P-1KOMATSU1996View or see
202670Concrete Batching PlantsConcrete Batching Plant BLEND SUR PORTEUR IVECO XWAY 460BLEND2022View or see
57928TelehandlersTelehandler CASE TX130-40CASE2012View or see
57929Tandem RollersTandem Roller HAMM DV 10.22CHAMM1990View or see
57956Concrete MixersConcrete Mixer SILLA 2000 LITRESSILLA1995View or see
57933ForkliftsForklift STILL R70-60STILL1996View or see
202671Single Drum RollersSingle Drum Roller BOMAG BW 219 D-5BOMAG2018View or see
202672Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator LIEBHERR LH40M LITRONIC LIEBHERR2023View or see
57947Digging BucketsDigging Bucket MORIN M3 - 600mmMORINView or see
57948Quick Hitch / Quick CouplersQuick Hitch / Quick Coupler MORIN M3 - HydrauliqueMORINView or see
57949ForksFork JCB à BoisJCBView or see
202674Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) LIEBHERR R974B LITRONICLIEBHERR1995View or see
57952Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) KOMATSU PC600-6KKOMATSU2003View or see
202679Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) KATO HD514MRKATO2020View or see
202680Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) DOOSAN DL300DOOSAN2020View or see
202682ScreenersScreener TEREX FINLAY 863TEREX2020View or see
202683Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) VOLVO ECR235DLVOLVO2013View or see
57973GraderGrader CATERPILLAR 12M VHP+CATERPILLAR2008View or see
57965Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) LIEBHERR L554LIEBHERR2001View or see
202688Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) VOLVO EC220DLVOLVO2014View or see
57969Backhoe LoaderBackhoe Loader CASE 580 SLECASE2000View or see
202690Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) HITACHI ZX210LCN-3HITACHI2012View or see
202691Excavators (Wheeled)Excavator (Wheeled) CATERPILLAR M315FCATERPILLAR2020View or see
57974VansVan RENAULT MASTER L3H1 2.5 DCI + JCRRENAULT2009View or see
57975Semi Low LoadersSemi Low Loader ACTM 3 ESSIEUXACTM1983View or see
57977Backhoe LoaderBackhoe Loader CASE 580 SLECASE2000View or see
57979Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket VERACHTERT CW40S - 430mm Pour Pelles 20 TonnesVERACHTERTView or see
57980Digging BucketsDigging Bucket LIEBHERR SW33 - 550mmLIEBHERRView or see
202699GraderGrader EASY-GRADER EG1EASY-GRADER2019View or see
57991Digging BucketsDigging Bucket LIEBHERR 850mm - Axes 80/70mmLIEBHERRView or see
57992Quick Hitch / Quick CouplersQuick Hitch / Quick Coupler LIEBHERR SW48 - Axes 70/60mmLIEBHERRView or see
57994Tilt Grading BucketsTilt Grading Bucket AUTRE S5 / S50 - 1200mmAUTREView or see
57999GraderGrader CATERPILLAR 120GCATERPILLAR1985View or see
58006Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) CATERPILLAR 966CCATERPILLAR1981View or see
58008TelehandlersTelehandler CATERPILLAR TH414 MACHINE SUISSECATERPILLAR2009View or see
58009Semi Low LoadersSemi Low Loader NICOLAS 4+3 ESSIEUXNICOLAS2001View or see
202709Dump TrucksDump Truck DAF Bibenne CF 480DAF2021View or see
202711TelehandlersTelehandler MANITOU MLT 741-140 V+MANITOU2019View or see
58017Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) HITACHI ZX135US-3 MACHINE SUISSEHITACHI2011View or see
202712Tractor UnitsTractor Unit MERCEDES AROCS 1845 4X2MERCEDES2015View or see
58023Tire CompactorsTire Compactor ALBARET P3ALBARET1980View or see
58029Demolition ExcavatorsDemolition Excavator LIEBHERR R934B HD-SL LitronicLIEBHERR2006View or see
202719Articulated DumpersArticulated Dumper BELL B30C 6X6BELL1999View or see
202720Articulated DumpersArticulated Dumper BELL B40D 6X6BELL2007View or see
202721Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) CATERPILLAR 966M XECATERPILLAR2014View or see
202722Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) CATERPILLAR 972MCATERPILLAR2017View or see
58032Tipper TrailersTipper Trailer GENERAL TRAILERS 3 ESSIEUXGENERAL TRAILERS2001View or see
202729Mini DiggersMini Digger WACKER NEUSON EZ17WACKER NEUSON2023View or see
58033Backhoe LoaderBackhoe Loader JCB 4CX DEPOT MADRIDJCB1991View or see
58034Single Drum RollersSingle Drum Roller BITELLI BORA C 80 MACHINE SUISSEBITELLI1990View or see
58035Excavators (Wheeled)Excavator (Wheeled) POCLAIN P60 MACHINE SUISSEPOCLAIN1982View or see
202724CrushersCrusher KLEEMANN MC110R A MACHOIREKLEEMANN2014View or see
202725Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) NOBAS DRAGLINE UB 1254NOBAS1994View or see
202728Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) CATERPILLAR 345D L CATERPILLAR2009View or see
58037Loaders (Tracked)Loader(Tracked) KOMATSU D31S-20 MACHINE SUISSEKOMATSU1999View or see
202730Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) LIEBHERR R938 LCLIEBHERR2021View or see
202768CrushersCrusher KLEEMANN MR110Z EVO2KLEEMANN2015View or see
202731Mini DiggersMini Digger CATERPILLAR CANOPY 302.7DCR MACHINE SUISSECATERPILLAR2019View or see
58040GraderGrader AUSA OP NV2500AUSA1992View or see
58041Backhoe LoaderBackhoe Loader FERMEC MF760FERMEC1996View or see
58042DozersDozer CATERPILLAR D6H CATERPILLAR1994View or see
202735Walking ExcavatorsWalking Excavator KAISER S2-3 TF MACHINE SUISSEKAISER2003View or see
202736Dump TrucksDump Truck MERCEDES UNIMOG U 140 MACHINE SUISSEMERCEDES1994View or see
202737Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) O And K RH 9.5 MACHINE SUISSEO and K2001View or see
202738SweepersSweeper BUCHER CITYCAT K1500 MACHINE SUISSEBUCHERView or see
202739Walking ExcavatorsWalking Excavator SCHAEFF HS 41SCHAEFF1996View or see
58059DozersDozer CATERPILLAR D6HCATERPILLAR1993View or see
58049Excavators (Wheeled)Excavator (Wheeled) FIAT HITACHI FH150.3 DEPOT MADRIDFIAT HITACHI1998View or see
202740CrushersCrusher POWERSCREEN PREMIERTRAK 400POWERSCREEN2015View or see
58050Demolition ExcavatorsDemolition Excavator HITACHI EX400LCHITACHI1990View or see
202741Waste RecyclingWaste Recycling HAMMEL VB 750 DK MACHINE SUISSEHAMMEL2020View or see
202742Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator CATERPILLAR MH3024CATERPILLAR2019View or see
202743Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator CATERPILLAR MH3024CATERPILLAR2019View or see
202744Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator CATERPILLAR MH3022CATERPILLAR2019View or see
202745Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator CATERPILLAR MH3024CATERPILLAR2019View or see
202746Tipper TrailersTipper Trailer GENERAL TRAILERS 2 ESSIEUXGENERAL TRAILERS2000View or see
58053Mini DumpersMini Dumper RACO AEBI RACO 1600 HRK MACHINE SUISSERACO2003View or see
58054Digging BucketsDigging Bucket AUTRE S5 / S50 De 800mmAUTREView or see
58055Mini DiggersMini Digger CFS ALTHAUSCFS2013View or see
58057Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) FIAT HITACHI EX215FIAT HITACHI2000View or see
202750Concrete AccessoriesConcrete Accessorie PUTZMEISTER P 715PUTZMEISTER2020View or see
58060Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator LIEBHERR A316 LITRONIC MACHINE SUISSE LIEBHERR2003View or see
202751Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) CASE CX210C NLC MACHINE SUISSECASE2012View or see
58061Mini DumpersMini Dumper WACKER NEUSON DW90 MACHINE SUISSEWACKER NEUSON2018View or see
58064Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) CATERPILLAR 312CCATERPILLAR2007View or see
202752Backhoe LoaderBackhoe Loader JCB 3CXJCB2006View or see
202753Loaders (Tracked)Loader(Tracked) LIEBHERR LR 632LIEBHERR2001View or see
202755TrailersTrailer ADOC 3T5ADOC2018View or see
58067Flatbed Semi TrailersFlatbed Semi Trailer TRAX 3 ESSIEUXTRAX2003View or see
58068Loaders (Tracked)Loader(Tracked) CATERPILLAR 963CCATERPILLAR2002View or see
202756Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) LIEBHERR L566LIEBHERR2015View or see
58072Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) LIEBHERR R920 K NLCLIEBHERR2018View or see
202757Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) LIEBHERR R926 COMPACTLIEBHERR2018View or see
202759Articulated DumpersArticulated Dumper VOLVO A30GVOLVO2020View or see
58073Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket AUTRE 500mm - Axes 70mmAUTREView or see
202760Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator KOBELCO SK210LC-10EKOBELCO2020View or see
58081Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator FUCHS MHL 250FUCHS2014View or see
202763ScreenersScreener RUBBLE MASTER RM3500MRUBBLE MASTER2023View or see
202765Platform BodiesPlatform Body IVECO GRUE 240E38 MACHINE SUISSEIVECO1996View or see
202766Backhoe LoaderBackhoe Loader HIDROMEK HMK62SSHIDROMEK2020View or see
202767Walking ExcavatorsWalking Excavator MENZI MUCK M325 MACHINE SUISSEMENZI MUCK2013View or see
58093Skid Steer LoadersSkid Steer Loader KOMATSU WA65-5KOMATSU2006View or see
202770Excavators (Wheeled)Excavator (Wheeled) CASE WX210CASE2007View or see
202771Mini DiggersMini Digger BOBCAT E57WBOBCAT2019View or see
58096Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) LIEBHERR R904HDSL MACHINE SUISSELIEBHERR2000View or see
202774GraderGrader CAPILLA CRF-2CAPILLAView or see
202775DozersDozer FIATALLIS FD14FIATALLIS1988View or see
202776Soil CompactorsPadfoot Compactor / Sheepsfoot Compactor CATERPILLAR 825CCATERPILLAR1988View or see
202777Excavators (Wheeled)Excavator (Wheeled) FIAT KOBELCO E215WFIAT KOBELCO2004View or see
58099Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) HITACHI ZW220-6HITACHI2016View or see
58101Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) CATERPILLAR 950BCATERPILLAR1983View or see
202778Asphalt PaversAsphalt Paver VOLVO P2820D MACHINE SUISSEVOLVO2019View or see
58104CisternsCistern RINCHEVAL A EMULSION 10000 LRINCHEVAL1990View or see
58105Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) HITACHI UH073 MACHINE SUISSEHITACHI1987View or see
58106Loaders (Tracked)Loader(Tracked) CATERPILLAR 953C2CATERPILLAR1999View or see
58108Mini DiggersMini Digger VOLVO ECR28VOLVO2008View or see
202779ScreenersScreener RUBBLE MASTER HS5000M MACHINE SUISSERUBBLE MASTER2017View or see
202781CrushersCrusher KLEEMANN MR130 EVO2KLEEMANN2021View or see
58111DozersDozer FIATALLIS FD14FIATALLIS1996View or see
202782DozersDozer CATERPILLAR D8TCATERPILLAR2013View or see
202783Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator FUCHS MHL 350FUCHS2016View or see
58116TrailersTrailer STIC-HAFROY / SMF TREUILSTIC-HAFROY / SMF1978View or see
202784Dump TrucksDump Truck MERCEDES AROCS 3243 8X4MERCEDES2014View or see
202786Excavators (Wheeled)Excavator (Wheeled) DOOSAN DX 250 WMHDOOSAN2023View or see
202787Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator CATERPILLAR MH 3026CATERPILLAR2019View or see
202788Demolition ExcavatorsDemolition Excavator CATERPILLAR 330 DL UHDCATERPILLAR2009View or see
58123Excavators (Wheeled)Excavator (Wheeled) CATERPILLAR M316CCATERPILLAR2003View or see
202789Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator FUCHS MHL 331 S5 SANS PINCE DE TRIE FUCHS2020View or see
202790Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator CATERPILLAR MH3024CATERPILLAR2019View or see
202791Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) KOMATSU WA480-8E0KOMATSU2021View or see
58120Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) KOMATSU PC138-USKOMATSU2015View or see
58121Tipper TrailersTipper Trailer KAISER 2 ESSIEUXKAISER2009View or see
58124Tractor UnitsTractor Unit VOLVO FH12-420 4X2 MACHINE SUISSEVOLVO2001View or see
58126Skid Steer LoadersSkid Steer Loader BOBCAT 751 MACHINE SUISSEBOBCAT1999View or see
58129Semi Low LoadersSemi Low Loader ACTM 3 ESSIEUXACTM1990View or see
58130Mini DumpersMini Dumper ROBERT AEBI RACO 1600 HR MACHINES SUISSEROBERT AEBI2000View or see
58131Mini DiggersMini Digger KUBOTA U17-3AKUBOTA2016View or see
58133Skid Steer LoadersSkid Steer Loader TEREX TL100TEREX2008View or see
58138Backhoe LoaderBackhoe Loader CASE 580SLE RANGERCASE1999View or see
58141TelehandlersTelehandler JCB 535-125JCB2005View or see
58143Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) LIEBHERR R900C LITRONICLIEBHERR2012View or see
58145Tire CompactorsTire Compactor ALBARET ORTHOPACTOR P5ALBARET1979View or see
202799Concrete PumpsConcrete Pump SCHWING DRV 12 C MACHINE SUISSESCHWINGView or see
58147TelehandlersTelehandler JCB 532-120JCB1998View or see
202794Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) KOBELCO SK230SLRC-5E MACHINE SUISSEKOBELCO2022View or see
58151Dump TrucksDump Truck RENAULT KERAX 420 DCIRENAULT2005View or see
202795DozersDozer CATERPILLAR D6TLGPCATERPILLAR2016View or see
202796Mini DumpersMini Dumper WACKER NEUSON DV100 MACHINE SUISSEWACKER NEUSON2019View or see
58153CompressorsCompressor ATLAS COPCO XAS426ATLAS COPCO2003View or see
58154Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) IH PAYLOADER 540 SERIES AIH1980View or see
58156Excavators (Wheeled)Excavator (Wheeled) LIEBHERR A314LIEBHERR2007View or see
58157Dump TrucksDump Truck RENAULT GRUE KERAXRENAULT2008View or see
58158Dump TrucksDump Truck RENAULT 420 DCIRENAULT2006View or see
58159Mini DumpersMini Dumper AUSA 150-DGAUSA1995View or see
202800Excavators (Wheeled)Excavator (Wheeled) CATERPILLAR M318DCATERPILLAR2013View or see
202801Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) VOLVO EC140CL MACHINE SUISSEVOLVO2009View or see
202802Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) LIEBHERR R974B LITRONICLIEBHERR2002View or see
202803Excavators (Wheeled)Excavator (Wheeled) TAKEUCHI TB295WTAKEUCHI2015View or see
58162Excavators (Wheeled)Excavator (Wheeled) HYUNDAI ROBEX55W-9HYUNDAI2014View or see
58163Excavators (Wheeled)Excavator (Wheeled) HYUNDAI ROBEX55W-9HYUNDAI2013View or see
58164Skid Steer LoadersSkid Steer Loader VOLVO L30GVOLVO2014View or see
58165Skid Steer LoadersSkid Steer Loader CATERPILLAR 906HCATERPILLAR2012View or see
58166Ripper ToothRipper Tooth LIEBHERR SW105LIEBHERRView or see
58167Articulated DumpersArticulated Dumper BELL 40CM 6X6BELL2000View or see
202807Demolition ExcavatorsDemolition Excavator LIEBHERR R934 C NLCLIEBHERR2017View or see
58169Excavators (Wheeled)Excavator (Wheeled) LIEBHERR A900 C LITRONICLIEBHERR2008View or see
58170Backhoe LoaderBackhoe Loader VOLVO BL71 MADRIDVOLVO2007View or see
202808Wood ChippersWood Chipper DOPPSTADT DH 608DOPPSTADT2010View or see
58171Tipper TrailersTipper Trailer KAISER 2 ESSIEUXKAISER2009View or see
58172BungalowsBungalow AUTRE 15 M2AUTREView or see
58173BungalowsBungalow AUTRE 15 M2AUTREView or see
58174BungalowsBungalow AUTRE 15 M2AUTREView or see
202809GraderGrader CATERPILLAR 12H VHPCATERPILLAR2005View or see
202810Long Reach / Hight Reach ExcavatorsLong Reach / Hight Reach Excavator HITACHI ZX210LC-3HITACHI2007View or see
58175Cereal Tipping TrailersCereal Tipping Trailer JOSKIN 2 ESSIEUXJOSKIN2006View or see
58176Backhoe LoaderBackhoe Loader CATERPILLAR 428CCATERPILLAR1998View or see
58177Digging BucketsDigging Bucket VERACHTERT CW45 - 1500mmVERACHTERTView or see
58180Mini DiggersMini Digger HITACHI ZX17U-2 YLR MACHINE SUISSEHITACHI2014View or see
58181Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator LIEBHERR A316 LITRONICLIEBHERR2002View or see
58182ClamshellClamshell AUTRE 920mm - Reprise - Attache S60AUTREView or see
58185Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) KOMATSU PC180LC-6K MACHINE SUISSEKOMATSU2000View or see
202811Semi Low LoadersSemi Low Loader INVEPE 3 ESSIEUXINVEPE2012View or see
202812Articulated DumpersArticulated Dumper VOLVO A25VOLVO1991View or see
202813Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) CATERPILLAR 345B LMECATERPILLAR1998View or see
202814Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator CATERPILLAR MH3022CATERPILLAR2019View or see
202815Handling/Waste ExcavatorsHandling/Waste Excavator CATERPILLAR MH3022CATERPILLAR2018View or see
202816Soil CompactorsPadfoot Compactor / Sheepsfoot Compactor CATERPILLAR 825HCATERPILLAR2008View or see
58186ScreenersScreener POWERSCREEN WARRIOR 1400POWERSCREEN2011View or see
58187Mini DiggersMini Digger HITACHI ZX17U-2 YLRHITACHI2013View or see
202817CrushersCrusher TEREX FINLAY I-100RS IMPACTOR MACHINE SUISSETEREX2013View or see
202818Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) CATERPILLAR 320E L MACHINE SUISSECATERPILLAR2014View or see
202820Cold Milling MachineCold Milling Machine BITELLI SF 102 CBITELLI2001View or see
58189Mini DiggersMini Digger HITACHI ZX50U-2 CLRHITACHI2008View or see
58190Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) LIEBHERR L514LIEBHERR2011View or see
58192ScreenersScreener TEREX FINLAY 393TEREX1997View or see
202821Demolition ExcavatorsDemolition Excavator JCB JS360JCB2014View or see
58193Excavators (Wheeled)Excavator (Wheeled) VOLVO EW160BVOLVO2005View or see
202822ScreenersScreener RUBBLE MASTER HS3500MRUBBLE MASTER2020View or see
58194Ampliroll TrucksAmpliroll Truck DAF XF 95.430DAF2006View or see
202823Tractor UnitsTractor Unit MAN TGX 33.480MAN2016View or see
202824ScreenersScreener RUBBLE MASTER HS5000MRUBBLE MASTER2022View or see
202825ScreenersScreener POWERSCREEN WARRIOR 1800POWERSCREEN2014View or see
58195Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) LIEBHERR R313 LITRONICLIEBHERR2012View or see
58196Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) VOLVO ECR88 PLUSVOLVO2008View or see
58197HammerHammer Plate MORIN M1MORINView or see
58198GraderGrader O And K F106.AO and K1998View or see
58199Single Drum RollersSingle Drum Roller BOMAG BW 213 D-2BOMAG1991View or see
58200Sprayers SpreadersSprayers Spreader ACMAR Z12204516RACMAR2002View or see
58201Ampliroll TrucksAmpliroll Truck RENAULT KERAX 420 DCI 8X4RENAULT2004View or see
202828Semi Low LoadersSemi Low Loader FOURNIEZ 4 ESSIEUXFOURNIEZView or see
58203Aerial Platforms / AccessAerial Platform / Access RENAULT DCI 125RENAULT2014View or see
58204Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) DOOSAN DL350-5DOOSAN2015View or see
58205Grading BucketsGrading Bucket MORIN M3 - 1800mmMORINView or see
58206Ripper ToothRipper Tooth VERACHTERT CW45VERACHTERTView or see
58207Mini DiggersMini Digger HITACHI FH22.2 MACHINE SUISSEHITACHI1998View or see
58208Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) LIEBHERR R944C LC LITRONICLIEBHERR2011View or see
202829Skid Steer LoadersSkid Steer Loader WACKER NEUSON WL 38 MACHINE SUISSEWACKER NEUSON2017View or see
58209Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) HITACHI ZX135US-3HITACHI2012View or see
58210Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) HITACHI EX60HITACHI1990View or see
58211Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) HITACHI EX60 (Lot De 2)HITACHI1990View or see
202830CarrierCarrier IVECO AT 260 MACHINE SUISSEIVECO2020View or see
58212Digging BucketsDigging Bucket VOLVO S5 / S50 - 1000mmVOLVOView or see
58213Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket VOLVO S5 / S50 - 400mmVOLVOView or see
58215Single Drum RollersSingle Drum Roller CATERPILLAR CS-583CATERPILLAR1993View or see
58216Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) LIEBHERR 972KLIEBHERR2014View or see
58218Loaders (Wheeled)Loader (Wheeled) JCB 456EZXJCB2011View or see
202831TelehandlersTelehandler LINDE LATERAL S30WLINDEView or see
58219Generating SetsGenerating Set ATLAS COPCO QAS 40 KD MACHINE SUISSEATLAS COPCO1988View or see
58220ClamshellClamshell AUTRE 450mm - TerrassementAUTREView or see
58221HammerHammer Plate AUTRE Axes 80 Et 70mmAUTREView or see
58222Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket VOLVO BL71 - 450mmVOLVOView or see
58223Quick Hitch / Quick CouplersQuick Hitch / Quick Coupler MILLER EC300 / SW48MILLERView or see
202832SweepersSweeper EMILY 2900mm - Attache Chargeurs CATERPILLAR / VOLVOEMILYView or see
58224Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket WIMMER KL3 - 550mmWIMMERView or see
58225Quick Hitch / Quick CouplersQuick Hitch / Quick Coupler ARDEN EQUIPMENT QA05 Axes 35mmARDEN EQUIPMENTView or see
58226Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket VOLVO S6 - 580mmVOLVOView or see
202834Excavators (Tracked)Excavator (Tracked) CATERPILLAR 349E LME MACHINE SUISSECATERPILLAR2014View or see
202835ScreenersScreener TEREX COLT 600 MACHINE SUISSETEREX2020View or see
58227Tilt Grading BucketsTilt Grading Bucket LIEBHERR SW33 - 2000mmLIEBHERRView or see
58228Side Dump Bucket JCB Latéral Droit - 2400mmJCBView or see
58229Trapezoidal BucketsTrapezoidal Bucket AUTRE 1900 / 420mm - Pelles 14 TonnesAUTREView or see
58230Grading BucketsGrading Bucket CASE Tractopelle 580 - 1550mmCASEView or see
58231Digging BucketsDigging Bucket JCB Tractopelle JCB 3CX - 570mmJCBView or see
58232Grading BucketsGrading Bucket JCB JCB 3CX - 1520mmJCBView or see
58233Trenching BucketTrenching Bucket JCB Tractopelle JCB 3CX - 270mmJCBView or see
58234HammersHammer AUTRE Pelles 6 à 10 Tonnes / 400 KgsAUTREView or see
58236Loaders (Tracked)Loader(Tracked) CATERPILLAR 943CATERPILLAR1988View or see

*on less than 10 years machines - **Kilometers and hours not guaranteed

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