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Demolition Shear used

A clamp is a versatile piece of equipment suitable for demolition but not only. It is mainly used for sorting work on materials from demolition. It makes it possible to sort, for example, the frame, bricks, concrete, etc. It can also be used to demolish an infrastructure such as a house. Finally, it can be used to handle heavy materials during rockfill work, for example... Continue reading


Our stock

Entries and exits are recurring so we may not have what you are looking for at the moment so do not hesitate to come back from time to time to see our stock. We have a wide range of demolition shear and our most sought after models are: VTN MD180S, TIZMAR SP800 - 1000MM, ARDEN EQUIPEMENT S1100 - 1000MM and DEMAREC MULTIQUICK MQP 25Y-036.

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