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Finisseur VOLVO P2820D

Finisseur VOLVO P2820D
The P2820D ABG Paver is a versatile, high-performance machine. The hopper wings are individually controlled and the roof is electro-hydraulically folding. The 9 ton hopper can easily be fed by truck or other machinery. It is easy to transport because it is small enough to be transported on a single transport vehicle, without dismantling table extensions and end panels. The efficient Volvo engine and perfectly matched hydraulic system provide the best in class drive system, usually found on larger Volvo ABG pavers. Get to work quickly with EPM3's built-in Settings Manager, which allows operators to save and retrieve custom settings for specific projects. A fast heating table, up to 3°C per minute, also ensures quick and trouble-free machine setup. The driver remains protected whatever the weather, thanks to the roof which provides integrated sound insulation, and sliding extensions, which protect the driver even when the seat is in the extreme position. For a truly individualized level of comfort, operators can customize their working position and go from sitting to standing in seconds. The entire control panel can be slid on both sides of the paver and can be tilted 30 degrees in all directions. The VB30 tamping and vibrating screeds feature the heavy-duty screed guide system, hydraulic crown adjustment and an extension to double the base width (1.5m-3.0m). Screed extensions can be fitted to increase the coating width up to 4.0 m. The after-treatment system consists only of a diesel particulate filter, which avoids SCR and AdBlue. This eliminates diesel exhaust fluid changes and SCR maintenance, maximizing uptime and reducing operating costs. Quick replacement of track shoes thanks to bolts located inside the tracks, it is now quick and easy to replace the track shoes. Several improvements have been made to the undercarriage of the P2820D ABG, including a 150mm increase in its length, to optimize balance and traction, and scrapers, for a smoother final surface. Find this 2019 Volvo P2820D paver with 990 hours on

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