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This crawler dumper with tipper ideal for negotiating cramped passages such as in gardens, narrow paths thanks to its width of 84 cm with its auto-loader, its very small turning radius gives it optimal maneuverability in tight spaces . It performs well in the demolition, renovation, agriculture and landscaping industries. Its rubber tracks do not damage the asphalt and offer excellent grip on soft ground. It is capable of climbing stairs and operating in the worst winter conditions, so you can stay productive all year round. The dumping height can be up to 1.50m and it can dump into most skips, over fences and garden walls and onto high work areas. The capacity of the dome is 0.34 m3. The large front dump angle allows you to unload in one go in complete safety. The Yanmar C08 offers exceptional user comfort. You'll appreciate the quick and easy start, even in the worst weather conditions. The hydrostatic transmission system reduces vibrations and ensures a comfortable ride. The Yanmar diesel engine is reliable enough to provide the high power needed for many applications. The hydraulic system of the tipper and the autoloader is separated to use their functionalities while moving. This dumper is equipped with a wide-opening engine hood allowing easy access to essential engine components. This Yanmar C08 Dumper with 528 hours and from 2019 is available on our Sodineg site as well as more than 250 machines and 900 pieces of equipment. For any further information, please contact us at 03-23-04-00-68. You can find this shovel by clicking on this link:

*on less than 10 years machines - **Kilometers and hours not guaranteed

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