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The RUBBLE MASTER HS5000M Screener is high performance mobile recycling equipment designed to process building materials such as rubble, concrete debris and stones. It is equipped with a powerful diesel engine that allows it to develop a power of 98 kW (133 horsepower). The screener is capable of producing up to 500 tonnes per hour of recycled material, making it an ideal choice for large-scale projects. It is equipped with a double-deck screen that allows materials to be separated into different particle size sizes, resulting in the recovery of higher quality recyclable materials. The screener is also equipped with a high-frequency sieving system that separates fine materials for later use. The screener is equipped with a conveying system which allows the recycled materials to be transported to the storage bins or to the transport trucks. The screener is also equipped with an automatic cleaning system which keeps the screens clean and in good working order. It is mobile, with its tracks for easy movement on construction sites. It is also equipped with an automatic control system that allows the operating parameters of the screener to be adjusted according to the needs of each project. The volume of the feeding hopper is 6 cubic meters and the width of its belt is 1300 MM. For the oversize discharge mat the belt width is 1200MM and the dumping height is 2M58-3M75, the mat belt width for medium grain is 800MM and its height is spillage of 3.670 MM. Finally, the fines discharge belt is equipped with an 800 MM wide belt and a dumping height of 3 M 87.

*on less than 10 years machines - **Kilometers and hours not guaranteed

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